A Veneer is a porcelain cover that is bonded to the tooth and changes the shape, color and alignment for a dramatically improved cosmetic appearance in only two visits.  

Veneers are more durable than conventional bonding, are strong and more resistant to staining and chipping. It is also considered a more conservative procedure than crowns. Veneers are used to treat many dental conditions including spaces or gaps, broken, chipped, stained/discolored and even crooked teeth.    

A small amount of tooth structure needs to be removed, an impression is taken and a laboratory will custom make your new smile out of beautiful translucent porcelain with no metal. After a short period of time, you can have a brand new smile!

Lumineers is an advanced form of veneer but utilizes a “contact lense thin” porcelain covering. This thin covering requires less tooth structure removal.

Dr Baran is the first dentist in the area and one of the top in the country to utilize this technology!

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