Tooth Jewelry

Do you want to add a little more sparkle to your smile? You may be interested in getting tooth jewelry in Royal Oak, Michigan! Our tooth jewelry is made of genuine Swarovski® crystals. Swarovski produces some of the finest precision-cut crystals in the world, and now they can bring even more shine to your smile. These crystals are so well made that they sparkle like diamonds!

Our tooth jewelry is designed to complement your smile and can easily be applied using safe dental materials. The application does not require any drilling or holes, so it is painless, harmless, non-invasive and easily reversible. Getting tooth jewelry is a simple way to add a little glamour and polish to your smile! Our crystals come in different shapes, colors and sizes to accommodate your preferences. They are stain resistant and require no extra maintenance besides your regular oral health routine. The procedure itself is quick and usually is completed in 15 minutes! Once applied, your crystal can last from anywhere from six to 24 months, and you can have it removed at any time.

We are excited to help you enhance your smile! Call Royal Oak Smiles today at 248-548-1440 to schedule your tooth jewelry appointment with our dentists, Dr. Dolores Baran or Dr. Abdul Shakfa.