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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Sleep apnea therapy helps patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea to breathe more easily during sleep. Our practice offers a comprehensive range of treatments to help those who suffer from this condition, including lifestyle changes, CPAP machines, and oral appliances. We will work with you to find the best solution for your individual needs.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Visit with Dr. Baran


  • If your physician would like to refer you for an oral sleep appliance, please call our office for a referral form. 


  • Analysis of which oral sleep appliance will work best for each patient

  • Sleep study must be completed prior to your consult with Dr. Baran

  • Digital workflow to register jaw relationship 

  • Delivery of OSA appliance and instructions

  • Follow up and instructions

  • Collaborating with your physician on continuing care

What to bring to your first visit: 

  • Contact your physician and have them fax a copy of your diagnostic sleep study and referral letter before your appointment

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early

  • When you arrive, check-in at the reception desk and, if you have insurance, give your insurance information to the receptionist. Please also bring recent radiographs (x-rays) if you have them, a list of your medications, and results of your sleep study (if any).

  • Your first visit will include clinical evaluation, health history, and dental history. At this time, Dr. Baran will propose a plan of action to address your needs. Our treatment coordinator will also outline a cost estimate for your sleep appliance. 

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